April 10, 2010

I Will Never Die

Never is Forever

You probably don't know this, but I once played in a Turbonegro cover band. It was an absolute blast. I played 2 shows with them in the Rune Rebellion slot, and they went on to play 2 shows without me after I tragically broke my ankle and couldn't rock out for a bit. Our set mostly came from Ass Cobra and Apocalypse Dudes, with a coupl'a newer (at the time) songs thrown in. I don't think we did anything from the albums before Ass Cobra, but I specifically remember suggesting "I Will Never Die" as a possible cut. Of course I was outvoted for whatever reason. It's a great song.

To get to the point, Turbonegro is a great band. It's almost a shame they're called Turbonegro and dress like they do, because they are all too often dismissed as a novelty or, even worse, taken seriously and offensively. Yes, I realize their original/non-us name is TRBNGR or Turboneger, either of which seem more offensive than the already vaguely offensive Turbonegro. But I trust the band when they say their motivations were actually anti-racism, and I mean shit I listen to Burzum and Peste Noire and plenty of other "questionable" black metal, so whatever. I've typed far too much on this topic.

Never is Forever is a great record, showing the band before they went balls-out punk on Ass Cobra. There's a poppy element to this record that they never touched on again. Just whatever download it or don't I'm tired of typing about it.

Never is Forever


JoyAnna Banana said...

I don't know anything about black metal (but then, I don't know anything about metal). And I think, from a not-knower's perspective, that I'm missing out on a lot of probably really thoughtful, political motivation. Am I? What's a good starting point? Or maybe you could write more?

I like understanding why people make the music they do. Thanks!

cdb said...

Well first, the black metal comment in this post was just an aside, as Turbonegro are a hard rock/punk band and have nothing to do w/ black metal.

As to your question, though, no, you're not. Black metal has a strain that focuses on cultural preservation and national pride to the point of promoting Nazism (and I'm talking European bands here, mostly, though there are some from all over that have this sort of focus). I don't really know much about most of the bands associated with the NSBM (National Socialist black metal) scene. But there are a few bands that I do like that have members with ideologies that I completely disagree with. It's a bigger topic than a comment on a blog really allows for, though.

As far as a good starting point for black metal, that's a tough one. I uploaded a mix of American black metal and doom on the blog here last summer, but I think the link is dead by now. But the modern American stuff is its own beast and has expanded quite a bit from the first and second wave of European/Scandinavian stuff. Maybe I'll re-upload it. Or if you want I can make a mix just for you. It's a tough genre to just "check out." E-mail me or something.

JoyAnna Banana said...

I actually think you answered my question about black metal. A lot of times when I read your music posts, though, I feel like I'm missing this whole context. I think I'd have to just throw myself into learning metal to understand.

I think it's interesting that I've known a lot of people who I really like and respect who love metal, and I have tried to love it, but I just don't. I mean, I guess I like some of it, but maybe I don't know. Like this one guy I knew got me into this band Submission Hold, and I do really like them, but are they metal? So, I feel like I'm missing something, and I'm always trying to dig a little to figure out what it is.

I do like reading and listening to your posts. Maybe it'll resonate one day.

Oh, and black metal is totally the opposite of what I thought it was. So thanks for clearing that up, too.

Gray said...

I disagree with your implication that Turbonegro would be "better" band if they dropped the schtick and played it straight. I would argue that they are a marginally entertaining band musically, and it is only by their presentation that they can rise above their mediocre bar rock.
I had a brief Turbonegro phase I guess, but ultimately decided they kinda stink. That being said, seeing them open for Queens of The Stone Age at the 40 Watt and antagonizing the frat dudes was awesome. In fact, all their live shows have been, at least, fun, if not really good.
Not that you asked for it, but there are my two cents.
Maybe it's the cultish devotion to the band that turns me off...the fanclubs and whatnot, or maybe I just don't like the music, but something clicked, and then stopped clicking for me with this band. Odd.

cdb said...

Yeah, I didn't really mean I wished they played it straight, just that it's a shame some people dismiss them because of their shtick (or take them too seriously to begin with). On the live front, being in a room packed full with sweaty dudes singing along to "Rendezvous With Anus" is an experience I won't forget.