April 22, 2010

Blood I Bleed

Recognize No Authority

The other day, friend and frequent poster in the comment section here on the blog JoyAnna Banana sent me an e-mail inquiring about metal bands with women in them. Turns out there are a few! Détente featured a woman named Dawn Crosby on vocals, delivering a thrash squeal that would make Nuclear Assault's John Connelly proud. On guitar is a guy named Ross Robinson who made a name for himself in the 90s by producing a bunch of really awful records, including Sepultura's Roots, some Korn records, and Vanilla Ice's forgotten rap-metal record Hard to Swallow (and it was, btw, hard to swallow). Also, one of the drummers for Machinehead was in this band at one point too.

Anyway, their lineup could be described as a revolving door, and Crosby died in 1996. Some version of the band has carried on with a different singer or two, and I think they just recently released another record, but I haven't heard it. This one's pretty good though.

Recognize No Authority

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JoyAnna Banana said...

Thanks, man! I downloaded, and will listen. I'll let you know what I think.