March 31, 2010

Unrequited Blood

Misery Index

Some days you want to chill out to the fullest. Maybe fix yourself a drink, crack open the window and let some of that beautiful sunshine and spring air in. Put on the Doobie Brothers, maybe do a j. You know, really just commune with the elements and totally mellow out on some no-jive, no-nonsense cool out time with Skunk, Mike and the boys. Take it minute by minute, so to speak.

Other days, you just gotta crank Assück.

Misery Index


mrcool said...

hey i enjoy your cool blog, please keep blogging it.

also i didnt really enjoy this assuck record but i did enjoy other things you blogged.

cdb said...

Thanks, coolest guy ever.

Gray said...

Favorite Assuck memory; walking through the Hillcrest neighborhood in San Diego to go to the record store, wearing an Assuck shirt, not really thinking about it, and only after hearing a group of dudes whispering to eachother as I approached them on the sidewalk, did I remember that Hillcrest is, in fact, the "gay part of San Diego". So "gay" in fact, I bumped into Rob Halford twice at the Hillcrest post office.
Anyway, Assuck got the desired reaction from the general populace...confusion and disgust.

Daniel said...

I just worked a Misery Index show and had to be informed by my co-worker that was an Assuck record title...I've owned Anticapital....anyways funny...I didn't enjoy Misery Index the band that is. Thanks