March 6, 2011

You Look Like A Gorilla

The Mopes
Lowdown, Two-Bit Sidewinder

The Mopes were a bit of a 90s pop-punk supergroup, featuring Queers bassist B-Face, Screeching Weasel guitarists Dan Vapid and John Jughead, and Squirtgun drummer Dan Lumley. Their first ep is sort of like beach-party punk. It's a lot of fun, and if you like any of the bands these guys were in, you'll like this too.

Lowdown, Two-Bit Sidewinder

March 4, 2011

(The Advantage of) Temporary Baldness

A Place Called Today

Hurl had the best drummer of any band ever associated with emo.

A Place Called Today

Birthday Party of Madness

Burger King Diamond
Upon The Red Wings of Phallic Delusion

Swedish metal gods Burger King Diamond are all but unknown in the US, but in their native Sweden they headline festivals and sell out arenas, preaching the gospel of old school heavy metal with a hot beef injection of black metal imagery and King Diamond worship. Also most of their songs are about fast food. Frontman Sven Hellhammer has been struggling with the current state of the music business, but both this album and their follow up Kiss The Goat: The Anthology are available on iTunes. Hear the blazing leads from dueling guitarists Christofer Bartlett and Nocturno Frost, the thundering bass work from Culto Kathaarian, and of course the competent drumming of one Ásbjörn. HAIL!

Upon The Red Wings of Phallic Delusion