April 27, 2010

Dead Man

Chapter 2

Dragonwyck is a band who has benefited quite a bit from the Internet age. They formed in Cleveland in 1969, recorded 2 albums that they never released, and basically made a reputation for themselves with their live show. As far as I understand, the albums they recorded, of which Chapter 2 is logically the second, exist only as a handful of acetate copies out there somewhere. There have been a couple of reissues (or just issues I guess) in recent times, but they seem to survive mostly on blogs. I stumbled across this record a couple of years ago, and while it's not one I rock on a daily basis, it's the kind of thing I put on every coupl'a months and say "Damn this is good. Why don't I listen to it more often?" So here's me doing my part to spread the word.

The music has bits of folk, psych, prog, and just plain ol' rock and roll. There's some big Moody Blues influence, but there's a little Who, early Pink Floyd, Amboy Dukes, etc. They sound more England than Cleveland, that's for sure. But hey, it's great stuff.

Chapter 2

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Daniel said...

Being from Cleveland,I had to download this,I have never even heard of it. Anyways first time around it was alright....third time around I'm digging it. "Run to the Devil for me."........Hell ya'!!!!