January 2, 2009

From Attitude to Action

School of Violence
We The People...?

This is some sloppy, poorly produced, hardcore-tinged thrash. If School of Violence were a hair faster and had a vocalist whose bark wasn't quite so metal (more on him in a minute), I'd be more tempted to call them crossover. There's a little d-beat punk in here too. But whatever, let's not split hairs all day. As far as I know this is their only record, which might be a bummer because I suspect they could've gotten better with a little more experience, not to mention better production. But maybe not. I found this in a dollar bin at the mall when I was in 10th grade or so. I later sold it to a dude named Todd for 5 bucks. I wonder what ever happened to that guy.

At any rate, according to this myspace page, School of Violence had a long revolving door of a career that featured once and future members of both Corrosion of Conformity and Warrior Soul. Keen ears will recognize Karl Agell, who sang on COC's Blind album, on vocals, though his style is considerably less polished here.

We the People...?

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