December 30, 2008

A Comment on Comments

Part of the fun of doing this kind of blog is talking about the stuff that gets posted. The stat-counter is telling me you guys are stopping by, and I have to assume at least one or two of you are downloading things. So what do you think of what you're hearing? Want more of a certain artist? Got an altogether different request? Go ahead and post a comment. Even if I don't have what you're looking for, someone else might. Also, I have shared little tidbits about when/where I first heard some of this stuff, and if you've got similar stories, it would be cool to hear. Don't be shy.


j.spake said...

suck it.

cdb said...

I sure didn't expect any smart ass comments on this post. Nope, didn't expect that at all.

Arnie said...

Hmmmmm.... Any San Diego stuff would be cool. Second Story Window?