January 11, 2009

Bought and Sold

Force Fed

Before they turned into a fairly mediocre industrial-metal band, Prong played superb sludgy thrash. I was a huge fan of the Victor/Kirkland/Parsons lineup that made their first three records, and while Troy Gregory was a cool enough guy and a talented bassist (he was Newstead's replacement in Flotsam and Jetsam before he too bailed for greener pastures), the dynamic was lost and the band essentially became an outlet for Tommy Victor. I never liked anything they did after Prove You Wrong, which is where the industrial stuff started. It does have a great cover of The Stranglers' "(Get A) Grip (On Yourself)", though.

But enough about that. Force Fed is bat-shit cool. Listen to "Senseless Abuse". The fast riff will blow your face clean off your head.

Force Fed


Keefe said...

Haven't DL'd this yet, but have a story about one of their other albums:

Back in 6th grade or so, as a latchkey kid, I rode my bike across a busy four-lane highway, against my mother's will, to purchase "Beg To Differ" based on the sole fact that the song "Lost and Found" was used as the theme for Headbanger's Ball back in the day. Had some interesting moments, so I bought two other albums which were so-so.

The only other album I pulled that stunt with was Soundgarden's "Ultramega OK." Pre-Nirvana, I almost wanna say.

I coulda done better. But man was I ever committed.

cdb said...

Yup, I first heard them through Headbanger's Ball too. I suspect we're not alone. Beg to Differ has some killer riffs, and there are a few standout songs, but the production is so sterile that I don't really listen to it all that much now. It's got a Pantera-like groove in the guitar tone that I don't care for. Prove You Wrong has a few good songs too, and I do like Troy Gregory's voice a lot, but it sounds pretty dated to me now. Still like this record a whole lot though.