December 13, 2008

Just Call Me Sky

Naz Nomad and the Nightmares (The Damned)
Give Daddy The Knife Cindy

Naz Nomad and the Nightmares was really just The Damned playing a bunch of old garage and rock covers. It's a pretty stark contrast to the stuff The Damned were doing in 1984, so maybe that's why they did it under a pseudonym. At any rate, this record has a bunch of covers and two originals that are pretty damn good. Timeline-wise, this falls in between Strawberries (1982) and Phantasmagoria (1985), and if I'm not mistaken is the last record to feature Captain Sensible until he rejoined in the 90s. It's a cool little fun project that never got a lot of attention as far as I know.

On a side note, The Damned just released a new record called So, Who's Paranoid?. It's got fantastic minimalist cover art, but the sound just isn't there. I'm trying to give it a fair shake, but it's not doing much for me right now.

Give Daddy The Knife Cindy


Aesop said...

I have always been blown away by how authentic this is down to the very tones. This is a long standing favorite of mine.

cdb said...

Yeah, it is really impressive. Somehow coming from 1984 makes it even more impressive, as it's so far ahead of the garage rock revival of the 90s, when labels like Estrus were putting out a bunch of records that aimed for this sound. Really cool.