December 9, 2008

All Things Bright and Beautiful

Capitalism is Cannibalism

Not to be confused with the NY thrash band who obviously went on to much greater popularity, England's Anthrax were a prime example of the UK's anarcho-punk movement of the early 80s. They were one of the best bands to be a part of the whole Crass Records scene, and it's a real shame they were so short lived. This ep and one other ep were the only official releases (I'll post it some time), and then there were a coupl'a demos and some comp tracks. In 2007 all of this stuff was collected on a disc called One Last Drop which I don't have, but should, if for no other reason than for the incredible artwork.

Capitalism is Cannibalism


James Joyce said...

Hey Cory - The Anthrax post reminded me of this blog that I follow sometimes, and is filled with this kind of stuff:

It's amazing how deep this kind of music goes.

cdb said...

Awesome. Thanks James.