December 16, 2008

Pray For Rock

Sounds of Liberation

Ché featured two ex-members of Kyuss; Drummer Brant Bjork handled guitar and vocals, while other drummer Alfredo Hernández handled drums. Bass was covered by Unida bassist Dave Dinsmore. If you're at all familiar w/ Bjork's solo work, then you already basically know what Ché sounds like. I think a bunch of these songs have been folded into the Brant Bjork and the Bros canon anyway and are played live by them frequently, which makes sense. We're talking groovy, straightforward, weed-smoke-clouded desert rock. At 2 instrumentals and 5 vocalized tracks, this is a quick 35-minute affair, but that just means it's ok to listen twice in a row. Standout tracks are "Adelante" and "The Day the Pirate Retired", but there's not a clunker in the bunch.

Oh, and my cd version of this has the cover and back reversed, with the band photo and upc side on the front and the logo and title on the back, so I've kept it that way. Just so you know.

Sounds of Liberation

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