December 4, 2008

McDonaldland Massacre

Blessed is the Black

Seattle's Coven were one of a million minor-league thrash bands in the late 80s, but this album holds a special place in my heart due to "McDonaldland Massacre", which was a staple of my 7th grade year. It's easily the best track on the record, but there's still plenty of other good stuff here. I *love* the production on this record, which is kind of strange since it really sounds kind of crappy. But the drums in particular sound great to my ears on the fast parts (and trust me, this isn't all headbanging start to finish, though the fast songs tend to be better). I don't think these guys ever really built up any sort of national fan base, despite releasing two more albums after this one. Honestly, had they not stuck it out for two more records, I might be tempted to dismiss this record as a goof. But no, this was a real band full of dudes who were serious about metal. And god bless them for it. This is really for die-hard thrash metal fans, but even if your not one, give it a try.

Blessed is the Black

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Thayne said...

Looks like you may not be updating anymore. But I found your blog via a search on Lords of the Crimson Alliance (FUCK YEAH). So I hope you are still around, cuz I see a TON of albums I used to love listed here.

I still sing McDonaldland Massacre to my kids in the car when they start whining about why I won't take them to McDonalds. Which, for the record, is because the food is shitty. But it has become a cue to them that Dad isn't going to take them for a god damned Happy Meal, because he'd rather be shooting Mayor McCheese in the god damned head. Now, I can't get past the opening line of "He's fed up! WITH FAST FOOD! Got a gun! ONE MAD DUDE!"

I also loved 6669 - but I don't sing that one to my kids. Not that they know what the word copulation means. Thank you, public education.