September 15, 2010

You & Me (Less than Zero)

Less Than Zero OST

I've been on a bit of a Danzig kick for a week or so. It started as a Samhain kick, and then before I knew it I was full on into the Danzig years. I'm trying to listen to everything after Danzig III with an open mind, as I've never paid any attention to that stuff. Love those first three records, though.

Anyway, this soundtrack features Glenn Danzig in full-on schmaltzy night club singer mode, doing a sort of precursor to Lucifuge's "Blood and Tears". The Power Fury orchestra backing Sir Glenn is the original lineup of Danzig, minus Eerie Von and plus George Drakoulias.

Other notable tracks here are Slayer's cover of "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" (seriously), The Bangles' fantastic "Hazy Shade of Winter" cover, and Poison fucking "Rock'n'Roll" right in the pooper. Public Enemy's "Bring the Noise" is here without Scott Ian whiting it up. Oh shit, "Goin' Back to Cali" is on here too, so it's got that going for it.

All in all, this is a typical shitty soundtrack, but the Danzig and Slayer tracks are shit you gotta hear.

Less than Zero


mike said...

I love this LP!!!Have'nt seen the movie since it came out in 1987.This is pretty badass for a movie soundtrack in the mid-late 1980's.

cdb said...

Yeah I remember being pretty baffled by the Slayer track. It's an odd mix of stuff on here, but it works (I mean, except for the shitty songs).

keeferooni said...

You kidding me? I love that Slayer cover. It's goofy, but still pretty nasty. And that first Hanneman whammy solo blows my mind every time I hear it.

cdb said...

Oh I think it's awesome for sure. It's a little hokey, but that's ok. I loved it back then, though.

keeferooni said...

Dude, DL'd this so I could have it at work. I think the tape got eaten? LL Cool J sounds like he's trippin' on cough syrup.

cdb said...

Either there's something screwy with whatever application you're using to play it, or you're memory of the song is faulty. I just downloaded it and listened and it sounds exactly like it's always sounded.