September 10, 2010

Since I turned on the spam filter, I get no comments.

Come on dudes. 231 people have downloaded that Belladonna record I posted some time back. 103 people have downloaded the Poison Girls record. 687 people downloaded the Masters of Reality record. 6 people downloaded the Xentrix record.

Is everyone just googling album titles and mediafire and ganking links? Surely some of you are actually downloading from the actual blog, right? Let me know what you think about this crap lest I get tired of doing it and start a blog of ambient noise tracks or something.

Oh speaking of which, I started a little blog to post some ambient tracks I make from existing tracks. You can find it here: ssoonnggss.


EDGY said...

That pornstar made a record?

cdb said...

Don't be fatuitous, EDGY.

invisibleoranges said...

Hehe, getting comments on blog posts is an artform. I've been doing it for years, and I'm still learning how to do it. You have to make people want to do it. They won't do it if you just tell them to do it. The post has to be good enough to get neurons firing and emotions going in people. Approaching it from the angle of "let's start a discussion or a community" is more productive than "talk to me, people!" Good luck!

cdb said...

You mean posting third-tier thrash records isn't enough to get emotions going!? What a world we live in!

Thanks for the tips. I'll take it to heart. :)

AWM said...

Woo grammtron woo