August 27, 2010

Big Green Monsters

Make The Collector Nerd Sweat

Here's a classic late-80s punk comp for your ears. This is the shit that was going around when I was first getting into punk rock, and to this day few sounds bring back the nostalgic feeling of being in 8th grade like Jeff Ott's voice over some gnarly Crimpshrine rockout.

But anyway, you know these bands. Mr. T Experience, Crimpshrine, Samiam, Jawbreaker, and The Offspring are household names (in my household anyway). Oh and nevermind the crap they did in the mid-90s, the Offspring song here smokes. The Lookouts featured Larry Livermore from Lookout Records (smart move naming your label after your band, btw), and also Tre Cool on drums. Plaid Retina could'a been contenders. They started out as a sort of crossover thrash band but evolved into great third-tier punk rock. It's a shame they never busted through to the big leagues. Their song here, "Freebird", is actually CCR's "Fortunate Son."

Oh and "Speed" is hands down the best song Samiam ever recorded. Hot shit right there.

The others are bands lost to the sands of punk rock time, but all in all this is a fucking great comp and you're a big dumb twag if you don't download it.

Make The Collector Nerd Sweat

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THRIPS said...

i always wanted to hear this. never thought it would surface. thanks