May 29, 2009

Souls of Sacrifice


If you're a fan of Seasons in the Abyss era Slayer, then download Devsatations's Idolaty right now. Go ahead and skip the next paragraph and come back to it once you've got the download started. If you're not a fan of Seasons in the Abyss era Slayer, then kindly show yourself out.

Corpus Christi, Texas's Devastation never broke through to the big leagues, but the only thing I can figure is that this album sounds too much like Slayer for some people (aside from Rodney Dunsmore's desperate, raspy vocals, which are a far cry from Mr. Araya's bark). This is top-tier playing from a second-tier band. This was their final record, but they reformed a year or so ago and reissued it w/ new artwork and three all-new tracks by the new lineup. I have not heard them, and apparently the remaster job is a real brick of shit. Too bad.

Do yourself a favor.


Earl said...

Please repost this. Being a big fan of 'Seasons', this has me intrigued.

cdb said...

Sure thing. Fixing it now.