March 26, 2009

Killing Kranium

Contemplating Slaughter

When I was in middle school, Necropolis were big shit in the Atlanta metal scene. At least, that was my impression from hearing them on the local metal show and hearing older metal dudes talking about them. I was a little young to ever catch them live. Actually, I think they carried on into the early/mid 90s, but by that time I was too punk to pay attention, so I may've just missed them when I had the chance. At any rate, this is classic third-tier thrash, influenced by Exodus and maybe some early Megadeth. Sloppier and more poorly produced than the big guys, but no less fun. I was listening to this in the car the other day and thinking about the huge divide between the "big four" and the rest of the thrash world in the late 80s. If someone didn't know what thrash was, and you played them Master of Puppets or Reign in Blood or whatever, you'd really be giving them a false impression of the genre. This right here is what most thrash sounded like.

I have no idea how popular this band was nationally, but I suspect not very. But they were played every Friday night on WREKage, the metal show that still airs on Georgia Tech's college station (WREK 91.1).

Contemplating Slaughter


fritts said...

Thanks! Do you consider Kreator or Nuclear Assault to be first-tier? Is first-tier just the big four?

cdb said...

Oh I wouldn't give too much credit to my random first-tier, second-tier, third-tier classifications. I'd say big four are definite first-tier, and second-tier would be like Exodus, Testament, the ones you mentioned, maybe Overkill. I dunno. A lot of it in my mind is just based on who I liked, haha. But in this instance, I was really thinking more about the production and vocal styles, which are a little less "professional" sounding, for lack of a better word.

In a more general sense, anything "beyond the first tier" (as my subheading states) would just refer to stuff that was never that popular or might've been missed.

Josh Eppinette said...

Hey, im keith eppinette and played bass for Necropolis. haha. This is crazy that people still listen to this

cdb said...

Whoa! Hey Keith, thanks for finding me here and leaving the comment.

Love this record, man!