March 20, 2009

Crash Landing

Too Much Ain't Enough

Seduce was Detroit's answer to the glitzy Sunset Strip glam bands. If you've seen The Decline of a Western Civilization II: The Metal Years, then you saw singer/bassist Mark Andrews driving a classic convertible through Hollywood, talking about Seduce's role in the scene. But like many of the segments in that film, the whole thing is staged. The truth is, Seduce was grittier and darker than the Hollywood glam bands, more akin to Appetite for Destruction or Shout at the Devil. Motley Crue is a fairly good comparison timeline-wise too, since Seduce got their start in the very early 80s, long before the pop-metal bands that made it big. Why these guys never made it, I'll never understand, because this is one hell of a good record. In fact, it stands with the two aforementioned records as the only of the late 80s "hair metal" scene that I've consistently listened to over the years without ever feeling like I was too punk for it, too metal for it, or just too cool for it. A power trio in the true sense, Seduce on this record is full of ballsy riffs, wailing solos, and bluesy vocals. And yes, the cover is kind of cheesy, but whatever, it was 1988.

Too Much Ain't Enough


ogmonster said...

I saw your post at the Bounded by Metal blog for the Seduce-s/t and you talked about only hearing a couple tunes from the first Seduce LP. Go here to find more tunes by this KILLER Detroit band. Check out the live shows and especially d/l the demo songs as most of these failed to make the albums. Having seen these guys play well over 400+ times throughout the years, you will dig songs like I'm Strange, Stroke Of Midnight, Life's On Fire, and so on. Also, d/l the radio broadcasts shows and that Traxx show as they're great.

Daniel said...

Shit I won this record when I was a kid from a college station in Cleveland,Ohio...don't think I enjoyed it then,probably wouldn't now. Anyways made me think of how great the Clevo college radio was in the 80's. Thanks.