August 4, 2010

Over the Edge

Alice 'n Chains

Here's a fun little relic of the hair metal era. This pre-grunge-fame version of Alice in Chains featured Layne Stayley and some other dudes. At some point this band folded, Stayley met up with Jerry Cantrell, who was playing in a hair metal band called Diamond Lie at the time. Through a series of events, Stayley joined Diamond Lie, who then changed their name to Alice in Chains. A coupl'a years later they got famous. THE END.

Well not really obv.

Anyway, this demo blows, but "Over the Edge" is pretty rockin'. I wish Diamond Lie had recorded a demo before changing their name, cause I'd love to hear the full AiC lineup doing hair metal. I'd probably like it better than their regular records. Anyway.

Alice 'n Chains demo


Adrian said...

Very interesting to hear Layne's dodgy glam years - he hasn't yet learned how to use that awesome voice of his effectively, no sign of the menacing growl that made Dirt such a powerful and unsettling listen. The first 30 seconds of Fat Girls is pretty cool but then it sounds like bad Motley Crue.

cdb said...

Yeah, I always think it's interesting hearing guys w/ distinctive voices in their early years doing something different. It's almost like you could imagine them finally falling into their "true voice" and just going, "ahh, here we go."