June 19, 2010

The Parents of God

The Snipers
Three Piece Suite

I don't know much about The Snipers. I think this might be their only release, though I'm pretty sure there's an unreleased full length floating around out there that you can stumble across. I first heard "The Parents of God" on the Crass Records comp A Sides Part One, which I bought at Camelot Records at one of the local malls back in 1994. That comp and it's sequel are two records that hit me very hard at the time and still pull in big waves of nostalgia when I put them on (like right now, for example). Next week I'll post them both. I've already posted stuff from Anthrax, Poison Girls, and Flux (of Pink Indians), all of which I first heard on these comps.

Anyway, here are 3 songs from The Snipers, sounding like a Crass Records version of early stuff by The Cure, only lazier and weirder. "Killing An Arab" comes to mind. Check it out.

Three Piece Suite

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