March 3, 2010

Jump Mama Jump

Poison Girls

This is a weird little record from a weird band. Poison Girls formed in the mid-70s, and their singer, who went by the name Vi Subversa, was in her 40s at the time w/ two kids. Apparently she heard her kids listening to punk rock and said, "Hey, this stuff ain't half bad," and decided to give it a go. She was born in 1935, which sort of blows my mind. And you know what? She sounds like she was born in 1935.

Anyway, Poison Girls were a part of the whole Crass Records thing, which may be good or bad depending on your perspective. From the music standpoint, I tend to think it's a good thing (ie I like a lot of those bands). Things get into shakier territory when the politics of it all gets involved, but we'll save that for some other blog. But musically this falls into the dark shadows of punk's weirder side. It kind of meanders and noodles, and the vocals often fall into a kind of beat poetry rhythm, but it's pretty cool anyway. Unfortunately, this record doesn't have my favorite track of theirs, "Promenade Immortelle", which sounds like an outake from Alice Cooper's Welcome to my Nightmare. It's on a Crass Records comp I've got, though, so maybe I'll post it some time.


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