March 17, 2010

Cattle Mutilation

Rigor Mortis

Rigor Mortis featured future Ministry guitarist Mike Scaccia, something that's evident from the first notes on Freaks. Scaccia left Rigor Mortis in 1991 to join Ministry, and he's played off and on with Al ever since (though most notably on Psalm 69). He's an incredibly fast riffer. If you've heard Ministry's "TV Song" or "TV II", then you've heard some signature Scaccia speed. That shit's all over this EP. Also in the ranks is Casey Orr, who you might better know as Beefcake the Mighty from GWAR.

This is a killer thrash record. Get it.

edit: I got a report that the zip was corrupt, so I just re-uploaded it. Someone let me know if there are any more problems.


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