February 15, 2010

Most People Are Dicks

Immaculate Deception

Ludichrist were a corny hardcore/metal crossover band from New York. This is a frustrating album, because there are some real nuggets of greatness throughout, but sometimes they try to be groovy or whatever, and those parts are really bad. Also, many claim this album features the very first metal/hip-hop combo in the song "Green Eggs and Ham," because, you know, the world really needed rapping over bad metal riffs, not to mention a heavy version of "Green Eggs and Ham."

But, you know, don't let all that discourage you. When they cut the bullshit and play fast, this stuff is good, and with 19 songs, surely you can find some good ones. Plus, some of this stuff is pretty funny ("Green Eggs and Ham" notwithstanding). Oh, by the way, after Ludichrist broke up, the singer and guitarist (Tommy Christ and Glen Cummings, respectively) grabbed a new rhythm section and renamed themselves Scatterbrain, who you might remember from their minor Headbanger's Ball hit "Don't Call Me Dude." If anyone out there has the first Scatterbrain record and can upload it for me, please leave me a comment. There's a good song on there w/ John Connelly from Nuclear Assault guesting.

edit: holy shit I forgot to mention that "Green Eggs and Ham" goes into RUN-DMC's "Rock Box" about half-way through, and given that that song came out in 1984, it sort of calls into question the whole "first rap/metal song" thing.

Immaculate Deception


JoyAnna Banana said...

I find it hard to believe that a band called "Ludichrist" could be corny.

Lo-Res Viscera said...

Thanks for a good-quality rip of this hard-to-find record.
I always dug this...

keeferooni said...

They matured a little on their second album. "Powertrip" slays. Check it out if you haven't yet.

cdb said...

Yeah, Keefe, I had Powertrip back in the day. It had Iwo Jima (That Manly Smell) and This Party Sucks on it. If you've got it, throw it up here in a comment.

Same goes for you, Lo-Res.

Lo-Res Viscera said...

Ludichrist - Powertrip for you guys, enjoy:


cdb said...