September 7, 2009

Snot Nose Brat

Tone Deaf Pig-Dogs/No Class
Saved By The Bail

I still haven't bothered to learn how to use my scanner, so that live shot of The Tone Deaf Pig-Dogs up there will have to stand in for the actual cover of this split disc. TDPG were another of the local Atlanta bands tearing shit up in the mid-90s (see this post). They were like a sponge, constantly absorbing members of other bands (members of A Quart Low [who morphed into The Oswalds], Smedley and the Space Cadets, and Round Ear Spock all played in this band at one point or another), but their sound wasn't as new-school or pop-punk as any of the bands they borrowed members from. Fairly straight-forward punk with a nod towards 50s rock and greaser attitude is what you get here. Singer Mike Nickerson's snotty snarl always puts a smile on my face.

Two of the members of this band, Nickerson and bassist Dom Totino, currently play together in a really good jangly rock band called The Letmedowns, but more importantly they've resurrected the Pig-Dogs name for a reunion show this Thursday, September 10th, at Lenny's in Atlanta. Rounding out the lineup for this reunion are Elliot Goff, who I think played in 12 Ounces at one point, and Keefe Justice, who played with The Close, played with The Oswalds for at least one of their reunion shows back in the late 90s, and has been in a slew of other bands, including Minced Oath and Das Assjugend, both with me. So if you're in the Atlanta area, for pete's sake come out and check this one out. It'll be a fun old-school time.

Oh, and of course this is a split disc with No Class, who I believe were from Alabama. I'm not going to lie; I don't think I've ever listened to their half of the disc. That's not a slight on them or anything. I've just never gotten around to it. Let me know if it's any good.

Saved By The Bail


adam said...

Best band ever!
I was one of the many drummers.

cdb said...

They were ok I guess.