September 19, 2009

Doctor Phibes Rises Again

Kryst The Conqueror
Deliver Us From Evil

Ok. Oof. This is a rough one. Let's just power through it.

After The Misfits disbanded, Jerry Only and Doyle formed this weird metal band called Kryst The Conqueror. Jeff Scott Soto, at the time known as the guy who sang on the first coupl'a Yngwie Malmsteen records and later as one of the dudes who fronted Journey, did the vocals. The bottom line is, he sucks shit on this record. But until the legal dispute between Danzig and the Caiafa bros was resolved, this was "The Misfits". Once they regained control of the name, they basically found a new singer (drummer Dr. Chud was already on board), and released American Psycho (which, at the risk of losing readers, is a record I love).

They never got around to releasing this, though an EP was released that had some of this stuff on it. The bottom line is that knowing this is two of the guys from The Misfits definitely knocks it down a few pegs. HOWEVER, if it wasn't, this is exactly the sort of dumb shit I'd post on this blog anyway. It's corny metal, full of triumphant melodies and silly dark vocals and lyrics. It's not good, but come on, it's not that bad either.

I think they were trying to be a Christian band too, which is totally wtf.

But hey! Whatever, you know I dig this kind of corniness. And a coupl'a these songs are really similar to stuff The Misfits 2.0 did, particularly "Doctor Phibes Rises Again", of which the opening portion appeared as the opening track for American Psycho, only renamed "The Abominable Dr. Phibes". Come on, you know you want to give this one a try.

Deliver Us From Evil


Gray said...

A buddy of mine, Josh Lance joined the Kryst The Conquerer fan club, site unseen, assuming it would be the second coming of the Fiend Club. I believe he recieved some Kryst The Conquerer guitar picks, a bio one sheet, an 8.5x11" glossy, and a letter telling him how awesome the band was going to be. Fast forward to the ep coming out, and Josh and I being extremely bummed as these were not the droids we were looking for (Star Wars reference!). Shit suuuuuuuuucked. It made us pine for another Undead record. It was that bad.

Good post though, I can't wait to relive the terrible-ness of this band.

Hail Glenn Danzig!

cdb said...

Oh don't worry, buddy, I've got The Undead on deck for a future post.