March 6, 2009


Thin Lizzy

You know Thin Lizzy from "The Boys are Back in Town" and "Jailbreak" and maybe "Whiskey in the Jar", but what you might not realize is that they released twelve records, and they were all friggin' great. By 1981, they'd gotten simultaneously heavier and slicker, producing tracks like the opener "Angel of Death", a sort of hard rock "Sympathy for the Devil" and the nu-blues "Fats", which features a lengthy piano solo. "Mexican Blood" combines southwestern acoustic strumming with new-wave keyboards and steel drums. It's just crazy. And of course, Phil Lynott's storytelling vocal style is as awesome as ever. Allmusic will have you believe that this record blows, but don't listen to them. They're idiots. Just download it fer pete's sake.



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