January 29, 2009

Smash and Grab

Everything Must Go
Vinyl Rip

I know next to nothing about Chickenhead aside from what's in the liner notes of this 7", but I can kind of sum it up by saying they were a punk band from Miami who stuck closely to the DIY ethics that were a big part of the punk scene in the early 90s (the label this record was put out on sold 7"s for a dollar plus a dollar for postage or some used stamps they could clean off and reuse). This was their only record, though there was a demo before this (which I've never heard) and I think they had a song on a Lookout! comp later on. This is punk as all shit and might make you crap your pants it's so good. Or, if like me, you're not wearing pants, it might make you crap someone else's. 6 songs in less than 6 minutes.

Everything Must Go


Aesop said...

Guitar was by Iggy Scam (aka Eric Lyle) singer was Chuck of The Crumbs. I know these dudes.

cdb said...

I'm imagining a house show in the early 90s somewhere in southern Florida. Chickenhead and Hickey blasting away in some dude's living room to 30 or 40 kids while a half-broken window unit blows luke-warm air into the room to combat the 95 degree weather.

James Joyce said...

At one time, the Midget Farmers became friends with the Slackers from Huntsville, who loved Chickenhead and told us stories about them hopping trains to go on tour and borrowing bands equipment to play, and then destroying it. Not a band philosophy that was made to last.

Jimbo said...

cheers for this gem mate
youre running a tight ship over here. great tunes and great banter.
jimbo at saltyboardies.blogspot.com