January 22, 2009

In Search of Peace of Mind

Lonesome Crow

Many people don't realize it now, but Scorpions were awesome in the 70s. I don't mean to take anything away from "Rock You Like a Hurricane" or "No One Like You" (the latter of which is probably my favorite Scorpions tune, honestly), but their earlier work is just on a different plane. This is their debut, and it's all over the place, full of fuzzed out jams, barn-storming blues rock, and borderline psychedelic noodling. Think Led Zeppelin with more jamming, Black Sabbath with faster tempos, Blue Cheer with a little more polish, etc. Klaus Meine is still finding his voice here, and he definitely takes a back seat to the Schenker bros and the tight-as-shit rhythm section of Lothar Heimberg and Wolfgang Dziony (and this is the only Scorpions record they're on). Drop any reservations you might have and spin this a few times.

Lonesome Crow

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