December 1, 2008

Grain of Strength

Fuck You, This is Rice

Rice was a short-lived hardcore band from San Diego back in the early 90s. They were a super-group of sorts, though none of the members' other bands were all that noteworthy (drummer Matt Anderson was in Heroin, and there's an occasional horn blast from Rocket from the Crypt's Apollo 9, but beyond that it's bands I'm not too familiar with such as The Peechees). They were of the in-your-face political variety, a la Born Against, but with a slightly more tongue-in-cheek lyrical approach. Basically they mask lyrics about rice (the food) in typical hardcore terminology (see: "Stick Together", "All Steamed Up", and "Grain of Strength"). But silliness and short-life-span aside, they were pretty incredible, and even had their own dance for the circle pit, The Rice Picker.

Fuck You, This Is Rice


Daniel said...

My friend has a Rice tattoo...that is all.

cdb said...

Hell yeah. A friend of mine does too.